Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not a movie.... but Sheer Brilliance!!!

Not just a movie…. but an experience for life … not just entertainment but lessons of Courage and Integrity….!! … sums up ‘The Scent of a Woman’ ….! 13 yrs after the movie won critical acclaim and ofcourse the 'Best Actor Oscar' for long deserved Al Pacino’s brilliant performance and impeccable portrayal of a blind retired Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, I am forced to instigate everyone to watch and experience what the movie has to offer. It is not the storyline…. It the essence of the character and the flamboyance of the movie that has made it one of my favorites….! My only regret is that I shouldn’t have given it a miss before.

You might be reminded of Pacino’s towering achievements in the Godfather, Skarface and others… but ‘Scent of a Woman’ is once again a reminder of the good old days when actors displayed their charismatic screen persona. The movie revolves around two seemingly different men, Lt. Colonel Frank Slade (Pacino) a wounded belligerent warrior with refined taste for cuisine, chauffeured limos, and beautiful women, and Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell) who is a poor, fatherless scholarship student at a boarding school.

Proud and irascible, Pacino does not let anyone feel sorry for him; he is out on a quest of fun and passion. His enigmatic and bizarre personality is woven together with finesse like never before. His honest and passionate description of women, his zest for life, the sound of his voice, the music, the mystery leaves you gasping for more….! In each progressing scene, we get to know another facet of Slade's multi-shaded personality, another element of his past. Pacino is, without doubt, the best thing in the movie, always keeping it afloat. He brings to the role a mixture of strong presence and light self-mockery that helps set the film's bitter-sweet mood. It is the kind of role that would win the Oscars and this one sure did.

It shows that the feelings can be much sharper when one is missing, in this case the lack of sight, shows that Frank developed a new way of living and that way goes deeper into the hearts of the ones he lets come by himself. Teaches how we can look deeper into a woman and understand that there is a lot more than what we see.

Charlie (O’Donnell) is brilliant in his innocent portrayal of a school boy who goes on a journey that changes two lives, his sheer innocence leaves you charmed. I wouldn’t want to ruin your experience of the movie so I shall go no further…..!

Just that….. it is 2.5 hrs of pure beauty and magic through the feelings of a human heart about everything it surrounds.

It teaches you to love….and give and exchange love, because that gives you a reason to LIVE and move on….

A must watch if your ever doubt yourself for being a woman, if you need that push to move on….The Scent of a Woman will get you right where it should !!


Anonymous said...

good work as usual.....our friend after all...!!! :)

Seema and Poo

Anonymous said...

Was always under the impression tht Godfather, scarface etc...were some of Al Pacino's best movies..with a description like this...makes me wonder if the movie is at par with the 1s mentioned above...i guess ill have 2 watch it n actuallly try n agree with the person whose written this blog.

JAYDED said...

Im surprised that the Ferrarri scene wasnt even mentioned!!!!

I second Praxy...Awesone movie..a must watch!
(phew....that read like a new York Times review!!!)

Anjaan said...

Aunty Praks

Maybe you ought to review a film right after it releases??? lol

Not like 14 years after it comes out!!1

how about watching a "Babel" or "Ultraviolet" and Write what u think of them..
Then maybe i'd get you a job as a movie critic! *grin*

Rakesh said...

Certanily making me wanting to watch the movie. Good Description but leaving enough to be discovered while watching the movie.. But I should say I liked the rain blog better Praks.